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Our pension simulator allows you to access relevant data, once you have filled out the blank spaces on your insurance certificate, which simulates pensions at all possible retirement ages (between 58 and 65 years).
Please bear in mind that all computations are purely indicative. A detailed report from the CPEG will be needed to confirm all data.

In the event of early retirement as relates to the standard plan, an anticipation from 64 years to 61 years costs 5 percent in reduction per annum.
From 61 years to 58 years, the cost is 6 percent per annum.
(Where strenuous physical activities are concerned, early retirement from 61 to 58 years costs 5 percent in reduction per annum)

Pensions are paid out on the last business day of the month.

The pension fund will determine whether certain survivors are entitled to death benefits (surviving  spouse, divorced surviving spouse, orphans)
If the pension fund does not pay out annuities, the death benefit will amount to personal contributions and accrued interest to the deceased member.
The death benefit is then allocated based on Pension Fund regulations (article 30, alinea 3 of general regulation) or in accordance with the beneficiary clause.
In the event that there are no stated beneficiaries as per Pension Fund regulation or as defined by the deceased member, the capital will remain at the CPEG.
The Insurance Division will gladly advise you to define a beneficiary clause.

Yes, within limits determined by article 79b LPP as well as articles 60a and 60b OPP2. The Insurance Division’s service for those insured will confirm whether the purchased back payments are in conformity with the articles stated above.

As a rule, yes.
However, a tax treaty in place to prevent double taxation may state that your pension is taxable at your place of residence. The Insurance Division is at your disposal to answer all queries.

All changes must be documented in writing. You must fill out a designated form available on the website. In order to avoid errors, please provide a copy of your bank card, or bank statement along with the form.

Your employer informs CPEG of departures of salaried members.
Salaried members will need to fill out a questionnaire, dated and signed to CPEG, to ensure that vested benefit proceeds forwarded to the relevant institution.

The previous institution must be notified in writing including CPEG’s name and banking details as follows :

Bank : BCGE, 1211 Genève 2
Account Holder : CPEG, Boulevard St. Georges 38, 122 Genève 8
IBAN : CH 96 0078 80000 0504 09317
Clearing : 788

Beneficiaries are listed as recipients of any of the following benefits :

– surviving spouse pensions
– surviving divorced spouse pension
– benefits paid to a close relation, notably in the case of shared residence
– benefits for children of disabled or retired members
– orphan benefits
– pension lump sums and death benefits

Couples bonded by virtue of a registered partnership in compliance with Federal law are treated as spouses.

Contrary to AVS, there are no forms to fill out when one retires.
The employer confirms your retirement to the CPEG.
Nonetheless, a copy of the resignation letter may be sent to the CPEG for informational purposes.

All members eligible for retirement benefits (including early retirement) are authorized a lump sum equal to twenty five percent of the accumulated retirement capital (LPP). The remaining portion will be paid out in the form of a reduced pension.
Where married members are concerned, the lump sum option is available once the spouse has provided consent in writing.
If such consent cannot be obtained, the beneficiary can appeal to a judge.

Vested benefits amount to the largest of the three following propositions:

    • Vested benefits in accordance with our statutes, in conformity with Article 16 of the LFLP (loi fédérale sur le libre-passage)
    • The minimal amount as defined by Article 17 of the LFLP
    • Accumulated pension capital as defined  per Article 18 of the LFLP

Computations are determined on a set of complex calculations.
Please refer to the Insurance Division, Insured Parties section, as relates to personal accounts.
Please be advised that your vested benefit amount is listed on your insurance certificate.

In the event that one is employed with several employers or that one has different employment contracts with the same employer, each employer and /or contract will provide a relevant certificate.

Yes you may. You must pay a minimum amount of CHF 20.000. Payments must be in cash.
One cannot repurchase annuities or average rate of employment activity unless the total repayment of early retirement pension (resulting from a divorce and/or the acquisition of a principal residence) has been paid in full.